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I have been making these soldered glass pendants for a while now. I found the most frustrating part in the process was the glass cutting. I just couldn't get a straight edge. I would get it as straight as I could and any little extra glass I would sand down with my drimmel. Not the best method. Well for a few dollars I just made my life easier by what feels like hundreds of dollars! I got this glass breaking tool called a running pliars. Oh my goodness! I cut a ton of perfect pieces of glass tonight. Yeah! I also bought a new, heavy duty solder iron which I hope will make my soldering better, smoother.

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  1. shannon6:26 AM

    Great! I was wondering if they were truly worth it... Sally Jean says you have to have them, now I know. All these tool prices add up but if it saves in broken glass the purchase will actually save money (I'm preparing my speech for Marcus).
    Can't wait to hear about the iron!


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