Somewhere in Texas

It is 80 degrees in Texas, 'winter' has faded and the humidity has begun to descend. I am closer, closer to completing my manuscript. I feel like I am wrestling with a giant. Months ago I had the first draft of the text written and sent off to my editor and I had turned my focus to the art portion. Once that was complete it was like a veil lifted and I could see all the flaws in the text. The repetition, the missing points, the sentences that didn't make sense! I cringe at the thought!

Since then, I have been buried in words and ideas and points and logic.

I need to get my hands gluey again. I have another AOC deadline coming up to lure me from Word and the thesaurus. Hurry up stamps and get here!

Being an author is consuming. But in truth I am the happiest I have ever been right now. I have my kids about me. I have my purpose. I am singing in my own way. My vision for the book is that it can inspire other mothers to find their version of this feeling; a rather lofty goal I know, but why not think big?


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