Have supplies will craft

Half the battle of getting any art done at all, for myself or with my kids is having the supplies, and having them handy. I had done some altered clothing a while back for Stampington and had invested, OK, that is too strong a term, I purchased a bunch of fabric paints. I tried the out a bit but found the paint too sticky and unyielding to get excited about. So the paints have been in a basket on my shelf for a while.

At the Target dollar spot I picked up these little fabric pink purses, 3 for a $, and some ribbon for the girls to decorate - it is summer which of course means less school, more crafts, you know? As they were getting ready to launch into the craft I remembered the fabric paints. These paints are perfect for kids to use as they have pointy tips so you can squeeze the paint out and draw with them. Lily decorated a few purses for her friends, Laura made 2 for her granny.

I am glad that I have tried so many different arts and crafts in my time so that I have pretty much any of the supplies I may need for the kids to do crafts whenever it takes their fancy... which with my girls is a daily thing!


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