Vacation preparation

We are off to Ireland for 5 weeks on Tuesday. I didn't get too much made this week by way of art as I have been cleaning like a crazy woman. A family headed by 2 artists will be staying at my home while we are away, and I wanted the place to look a nice as possible for them. Their own home is lovely, artistic and always neat and clean so I have a high bar to meet! But it is good for me, I love a deadline and each year when we go away is when I get my 'spring cleaning' done.

I am taking some art supplies with me, just the minimum:
Some ready made scraps - ie. gessoed and painted
A few printed and trimmed photos
Some unmounted stamps and an acrylic block
My favorite water soluble oil pastels
Paint brush
Poetry journal
I am also bringing a moleskin sketch book and 2B & 4B pencils, I would like to do some sketching while in Ireland.

I will make a few cards and alter whatever I can while away. I plan to take lots of photos and Mark & I are taking a creative writing class together at an art school that is close to my Mum's house... it will be a week long date. Can't wait!

Matthew and I are starting a new Mom and me project - Keri Smith's 'Wreck This Journal'! We got one for each of us. Matthew had been dying to start, so we did the first few 'activities' the other night. It is going to be fun. It is a perfect boy art project.


On the book front: This week I received my first author's review of my book. It is a mock up of the book so far, with the text laid out on the pages, but only a few photos for placement purposes. It has to be completely edited before the designer gets it. It is due to the designer, Marissa Bowers, on August 16. The book is 128 pages and has lots of orange highlighted notes from my editor, Liz Casler, so I have lots of editing ahead of me. I am super impressed with the level of attention Liz has given to this text, her notes are super helpful and insightful.

A close friend, Erin Lichnovsky is going over it today to give me her opinion of the feel of the book so far. It was Erin I talked to about the vision I had for this book last year before I spent a few hours in Starbucks writing my proposal. She is always willing to help out (despite being super busy with her 7 kiddos), brainstorm and be honest, which is just what I need. Erin, you are a precious friend. Thank you for your love, time and support.


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