Congratulations to two of the contributors to my book: Corey Moortgat and Shannon Mucha

ABC by Corey Moortgat

Corey has had her first baby girl. You may know her from her book 'The Art of Personal Imagery'. When she was writing that book she had a son and was pregnant with her second boy. In that book and on her blog she has some great scrapbook pages and collages that reflect her boy momma life. Now it will be fun to watch her art change to include and reflect her daughter! Congratulations Corey. You are a beautiful Mother and artist.

Shannon has published a children's coloring book. She created this book in her capacity as a graphic artist for Parent & Child Educational Services or PACES. I look forward to getting my kids a copy. Shannon you are a wonderful illustrator, photographer and Mother.

I am so fortunate to know these lovely women who are truly a picture of 'Artistic Mother'.


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