This week I have been focused on getting the house ready for school. We are starting back early as I am sure I will want to take a few weeks off school when I have the baby. So we need to get a headstart.

I love getting ready for school. I love making a plan and looking ahead. I love buying new books and supplies like I did when I was in school. I started by clearing out last years books and bringing in this years books (though we don't have Matthew's books yet, I cleared him some shelf space).

It is amazing how many bookshelves a room can hold!

Matthew will be in 6th grade this year. He uses a curriculum by Veritas Press. The only subjects he will do with the girls are Art and Poetry and the only subject I will do exclusively with him is a 'drawing dragons' course. He pretty much schools himself, his dad reviews his work and answers his questions and does the discussions with him. That way I am free to school the girls.

The girls are using some Veritas Press and some My Father's World for school this year. Lily is in 2nd, Laura 1st and Annie, well she is just along for the ride and pretty much does lots of coloring and talking. Lily and Laura are going to be doing many of the same subjects as I don't have time to do them separately. Besides the usual Math, Bible, Phonics (Laura) and Grammar (Lily), Literature, History, Science, Greek (Lily) Art, Art appreciation, Poetry listening we are starting sewing this year! I am so excited. Laura really wants to learn to sew and I found this fun course called Kid Sew. I would love to make my girls some dresses, so I will be learning right along with them!

It took me all week to clear out the room. I was slowed down by 1) Annie having chickenpox, resulting in me having to go to the doctor to get three shots to ensure I don't get it (as pregnancy and chickenpox don't mix well) and 2) my girls constantly playing and wanting me to play too and do their hair and take their picture:

When one of my girls dresses up or gets their hair done, the rest must follow:

I am almost all ready for the school year. Now if we could just get to bed early Sunday night so we can get up and get going Monday morning.


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