Notebook for my son

When I wrote about my struggles with raising my first born son, Dawn left a comment that had such wisdom -
She said "My three boys came after my two girls. Sometimes I felt like I had no idea what I was doing...raising boys.
One thing I did--I kept a little notebook for each of the boys in my drawer and wrote a little something down every day in those notebooks...something I appreciated about them. It made me focus on the good stuff! It improved my attitude when they were challenging. And for me...they were ten times more challenging than the girls.
We survived...and they are now adults with families of their own."

I. Love. This. Idea.

So I have made my own notebook!

Thank you Dawn for sharing this idea with me.

we are good, aren’t we?
my son, pale like milk
a hurricane’s power
passing by everyday

I first bowed to him

but oh my happy hope,
his lyrics
writing my heart

our cage rattles daily
though his cheek is smooth

his face turns towards the world
he will one day breath in

and for this word,
this ancient leaving
that has begun
I prepare


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