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I just love the new look of Stampers' Sampler Magazine by Stampington & Co. You have to check it out. Even though I have been an Artist On Call for them for 3 years now I never get tired of finding out that something I made will make it into print! I was so delighted to get this magazine in the mail and find out I was a part of it.

The photography in this publication is top notch and they show so much more of the cards. That is not to mention the lovely layout. Really big improvement. Kudos to Amanda Crabtree, the editor and her team.

Here is my two page spread. I made a series of these cards using Jenny Doh's new stamp line. I did a post about making one of these cards a while ago.

I saved one of the cards for myself:


I am so unhappy that Blogger has, in it's bid to improve itself, taken away the HTML editing capacity. I like to see my photos big and to do so I was manually changing the size in HTML - it was working just fine. Then on Friday I got an email talking about 'blogger in draft' and some new templates that let you do more without HTML. But the templates don't work for big pictures, so I kept my old template but have found that in the old template the HTML option is now GONE. So now I can't make them bigger (well, I did drag them bigger but they looked pixelated, horrible!). Has any one else come across this? It is just me? Is there a solution?

UPDATE - got it sorted, thanks to Peggy and Trudy for pointing me in the right direction!!!! Somehow I had switched editing mode in settings to 'Hide composite mode' which does not have HTML and needed to switch back to the 'updated editor' which does. I was able to do that in settings. phew!


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If you are visiting from either of these places, I welcome you, stay a while, visit, leave me a note to say hello! I do try to visit everyone who visits me.

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