It's my blog and I can snapshot if I want to

Finally he sleeps!

When we go away or do any family outings I am always torn between taking snapshots and looking for more artistic shots that capture the moment in a beautiful way.

The thing is I want both. I want the snapshots for the memories and a record of our life. I want the artistic shots to elevate our life, to see the beauty in the world.

So I do both kinds of photos. My thought today is which photos to post here. In other words what is my blog for? On one hand I want to post the record photos (regardless of low artistic merit), cause for me it is fun to go back through the posts and 'see' our life. But on the other hand I don't want to bore you, my visitors, with yada yada photos of my kids. I have gone back and forth on this. This morning I was thinking about this I decided that I will go ahead and post both because 1) in the end of the day a blog is for the owner, I am me and this is my space to post my vision and 2) I love looking at other folks snapshots, so why do I assume mine would bore others? I love to look through other folks wedding and holiday albums! I could spend all day looking at cute pictures on other blogs!

So.... you just never know what you will get when you visit. I just hope you come back by and say hello despite my gratuitous family pics.


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