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I so enjoyed reading the comments about how you are mixing your media here. I am glad that we are all in this mixed media world together.

Thank you for weighing in and for entering my journal giveaway. There is a winner - it is Peggy of Pig Logs and 'tater berries'. Let's talk via e-mail and when I have your address I will mail you your little notebook.


I have only a small window a day to myself to think and create. This month I added something else into that time slot. It is an online class all about blogging. I signed up for it on a whim, hoping to gain a little perspective to help me plan my blog, but it has turned out to be so much more. It is 'Blogging Your Way' hosted by Holly of Decor8 and co-taught by Leslie of A Creative Mint. It is an amazingly professional course with many articles and podcasts and homework that makes you think and do some real soul searching.  It is leading to me thing about so much more than blogging. Good stuff.

And well attended. There is probably over 500 folks in the class and it seems that many folks are doing the homework and posting it to the forums. Reading about other's blogs and blog ideas has also been food for thought. 

On Friday's Leslie showed us all about styling photographs and making inspiration boards. I showed the post to Lily, so as you can imagine she wanted to do one too. So she did:

Inspiration Board by Lily, age 8

I love having artistic children!!! (see those little stamps mid left? they are some stamps I have been carving from photos this week for a Stampington project).

Another aspect of the class was to make an inspiration board specifically for my blog. I can't believe I have not done this before. It is not like I have not read about it, but taking this class gave me the opportunity to do it. Here is mine:

Blogging inspiration board
When 'Blogging Your Way' course comes around again I highly recommend it.

I started to talk about this by way of telling you that I am using up my time on something other than, albeit related to, blogging. I have some major deadlines coming up too, so I will not be blogging for a while. I will be back, fresh and with a new lease on blog life soon.

Take care,



  1. What a lovely and sweet idea to have your daughter join you for your homework. Her mood board is adorable.

    (in BYW class, as well.)

  2. Shona,

    Thank you oh so very much!! (insert squeal of delight!!)

    Your daughter's inspiration board is beautiful!

  3. What a lovely treat this afternoon to come here and drink in all of your beautiful photographs:) Truly delightful -- TY:)

  4. i havew missed ittle guy has been pretty ill...too many close a gorgeous grouping!!!!congrats to the winner too...hugs to

  5. This post is full of pretty inspiration.

  6. You inspiration board inspires me. I love it!

  7. Lily's inspiration board is beautiful, and I love that picture at the top - such a cutie. I look forward to seeing the difference this course will make in your blog and what new things you will be doing.

  8. I'm in Blogging Your Way too! It is such a great class. I've taken a few really good ecourses but this tops everything. I'm learning so much! I was surprised to see that you were in the class because your blog is already so amazing. In fact you were one of the blogs I listed in my first homework assignment that I wished I could be more like,lol.

    I haven't done a mood board for my blog yet. It's something I really need to do but for some reason feel a bit overwhelmed by. Your daughters both did wonderful jobs with theirs!! Maybe I need them to tutor me. ;)

  9. I saw Blue Moon Mama's post on Forum at BYW and came to you. Your photos are artistic and beautiful! I agree with Blue Moon Mama that I'm surprised to see you in the class, but that shows how wonderful BYW is to attract some advanced bloggers as well. Your mood board is beautiful and it does reflect your style. Wonderful. Kaho

  10. Love all the inspiration boards, and am so impressed by Lily's! Will definitely keep amn eye out for that course if it comes out again.

  11. Your inspiration board is so beautiful. I was surprised - just like Blue Moon Mama - to see that you're taking this class. Your blog is so beautiful already. I had actually thought about taking BYW, I definitely will do so the next time it comes up. I need to learn how to make an inspiration board!

  12. Love both of your inspiration photos - they rock! Lily has about the same taste I had when I was 8 - and still have! :-)

  13. Dear Shona, some times ago I've discovered your book (a bible, for me)and your amazing kind of working. I've decided to join your blog following better your unique experiments. But... your blog is not only a funny and relaxing space: it's a little (big) world for every mother (and woman: see also the inflammatory breast cancer, and so on..). Congratulation again and have a nice day Elena

  14. That is just a fabulous idea Shona! Both your board and Lily's are exquisite! I need to check out that class, though I doubt I would have time to do any of it. I have a lot of deadlines too.

    By the way, I posted a fabric banner that I thought you would like to see. It's a work in progress. :o) It's for Peggy actually.

    I'm VERY curious to check out Blogging Your Way, so I'll drop by. Wow--I just can't get over how beautiful your board is. I'm glad you got inspired to make it.


  15. wow, thank you folks for all the love. I never thought my blog was all that great, a little all over the place. I see how much I can grow and make this place better.

    Blue Moon Mama, thank you for listing me! what an honor & Chuzai Living, thanks for letting me know you popped over from BYW. See you in 'class'!

    Elena, I love to hear that my book has made a difference, it makes it all worth while and spurs me on to get my book #2 proposal work done!!!

  16. your boards are just great, i love the blend of colours. Your daughter's is just great!!!

  17. Great mood board and I'm enjoying the BYW class as well. Learning a lot even though I'm cow's tail -smile-.

  18. LOVE this piece!!

  19. such beautiful inspiration boards. makes me want to do one for my blog too!


  20. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Hi Shona just read the article on artfull blogges and love it the title "Information.Community and Inspiration" has been my inspiration since I got stared with an on line TV station and just stared a blog. I would love for you to stop by enjoy your pictures very much. thank you Vila


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