Art Finds Friday - October 22, 2010

Annie Rose in my hallway

I had some of my photos onto large stretched canvas by ePingo. Here is one of them. I just love having a huge Annie Rose in my hallway! It is not cheap, this photo at 27x18 inches was about $80, but ePingo do a really good job, their customer service is excellent and I have this memory of Annie forever.


This week I used some new paints - Eco-Friendly paints by Eco Green Crafts. I got these paints from Stampington & Co. I can't see them listed on the Shoppe, but I am sure they will soon.

I have only 2 colors Sand and Moss.
Pros - very liquidy paint, goes one lovely and thick, nice rich colors, mixes well, for those into eco friendly supplies well they can be assured their money is well spent.
Cons - none so far!
A Christmas guest book I am working on. I painted this cover with the Sand Eco-Friendly paint.


Pomplamoose. Oh her voice, so light, so sweet. The texture of the sounds. That tune, the words. "The Greatest thing is to love and be loved in return". 
Thanks Shannon for the rec!


This week I would like you to go visit Juliette Crane. She does the most adorable, almost fairytale-ish, owl mixed media paintings. And check out her home tour post, I love to look inside other folks houses, don't you? Thanks Juliette for letting us stop by for a visit. All the best with your art.



  1. I have a couple tubes of Eco Green paint too and it's so creamy and yummy to work with! Love it.

  2. who knew that there's eco 'green' paint?! I know ;) I love the stretched canvas photo! great post Shona!

  3. love the stretched canvas, i need to get a large pic of my kiddo SOON!!

  4. I've been interested in those Eco Greeen Paints - so thanks for sharing! Oh, and I love Juliette's adorable owls!

  5. Every find, awesome, awesome, awesome!!!
    Been a follower of Juliette's for some time, the paints look scrumptious, the music? magic.
    And the darling canvas of your cutie is just phenomenal. What a great shot! Love the poetry exit.
    Love it all.
    Happy Weekend!

  6. SO excited you hung Annie Rose!! Can't wait to see where the other one goes. I TRULY want one of these for my home! I need you to take the pictures though. :)

    Thanks for your sweet "i get to" words the other day. I read it on my phone and couldn't reply but it was sweet to read.

  7. Picture looks incredible. And thank you for your input on the paint. I have been eyeing it on Stampington and wondering if I should get it. I think I will have to try it for sure now!

  8. This makes me so happy! I will have to check out ePingo - that canvas is amazing.

    Sorry I haven't comment recently but am trying to keep up with blog reading...I hope you are doing well!!

  9. your daughter is stunning & I love your poem!

  10. i have loved pomplamouse. their videos are wonderful as is her voice. so unique and inspiring! thanks for sharing

  11. What a great collection of "finds". Love the picture of Annie Rose. She's fabulous!
    Cheers, jj

  12. loving your photos!

    and i am so very honored for you to mention me on your beautiful blog! thank you so much!!!

    xoxo, juliette


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