Making the most of it

We all have to do things as Moms that are seemingly 100% for our kids. Like attend soccer practice, kids birthday parties, make kid lunches, go to kid friendly restaurants, correct homework and on and on. On the surface there is nothing in it for Mom. We are sacrificing our time for them. But is that not just a state of mind? Isn't the possibility of art in everything, in every place, in every situation?

As an Artistic Mother I have to believe that to be true.

So when I am doing seemingly kid only things I take my camera, my notebook, my eyes and look and often find the art in the everyday, the mundane, the awful blaring kid places - like the dreaded Chuck E Cheese.

We mamas have to make the most of what we have.

If you have done a blog post about finding art in your life as a mom will you leave me a link in the comments?


Talking about making the most of it.... Maximus is, as I told you last week, learning to walk. I just had to share this little video of him being so proud, so proud of his own little self.

Maximus James learing to walk from Shona Cole on Vimeo.


  1. These photos are SO cool ... I love that you found art at Chuckecheeeeeese!!! I need to start looking at life this way - it's beautiful!

  2. Shona I love your blog and book! I thought I would share this fortune with you that came with our Chinese takeout one night: "Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better." Well done finding the artistic side of Chuck E Cheese!

  3. i'll never look at Chuck E. Cheese the same again. :)

    Thanks for letting me know about the Woodlands deal. Our weeks from now until Christmas are packed ... but it would be fun!

  4. I still kind hate Chuck E Cheese... my stress level goes through the roof! I'm no good with hoards :) Here's another PACKED place where I found art:

  5. HI Shona, I left my blog addr on your collage blog... I noticed I'm still not added? I hv your badge on my blog here

  6. now we know the truth: the camera can lie! i like your attitude shift here and maybe i can take baby steps with it because Chuck E Cheese will always be for me one ring of hell in Dante's Inferno (ask me about my daughter being stuck in the gerbil tunnel screaming her head off)

    but i digress ... i find those mommy moments are my chance to practice patience and presence. i have been writing a lot during the amazingly long 45 minute martial arts class ... perhaps i can dig a little deeper and find the poetry in it? certainly, there has been drama :)

    thanks for the challenge. but never, never can i step into Chuck E's again. The horror ... the horror ...

  7. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Awesome. Awesome Photos!
    PS I can't stand that place either!

    I have found some room in my busy life for art and although my cottage is a creative mess I am sooo much more happier.

    I like to think of it as "Self Preservation in these Autumn hours which for me, these days, twirl into the morning.

    Here is a peek...

  8. Anonymous12:21 PM

    okay and Maximus (did I spell this right) that video that music, that darling face...all sooo fun to watch

  9. Hi sweetie, your photos are super! Wishing you a creative week my friend.x


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