Art Find Friday - January 14, 2011


For Christmas I got some photographic equipment - a tripod, 60mm lens and a light kit. Perfect for photographing 'things'. I am having fun setting up 'beauty shots' of things I am making. My girls, 8 & 6, totally are into it and have done most of the 'staging'. It is a fun thing to do together. I say 'Hey, I have another card to photograph' and they go in and pull out papers and bits and bobs and then I just have to push the button! So fun.

Here is my light kit set up. The lights came with canisters, but I prefer the light without them.

lights on!
My first beauty shot. Thanks to my girls for the decorations!
This is a card I made with Jenny Doh stamps and glimmer mist from Stampington & Co.


If you love before and after pictures, then check out Kristy's blog  Life-n-Reflection. You can see the power and beauty of photoshop actions. I love the vintage look. Kristy sells her actions at her store on Etsy and on her blog.


For all you quilters and crafters you have to see this video for Etsy's Handmade Portrait series. It is an amazing video by a quilter spoken as if from a future world. Very cool, and his quilt is good too!

In my bid to be positive this year and not check Drudge headlines I am spending my breakfast computer time only looking at art and craft related websites. One of the first I go to is the Etsy blog, there is always something interesting to read there on by folks living an artistic life. That is where I found this video.


Anthropologie, the catalog came in the mail this week.

They have an Anthro video site over at Vimeo which is so beautiful.


  1. How awesome! Love your light kit. And great card.

  2. Oh you are a lucky girl getting a light kit! Your girls did a great job staging. Have fun!

  3. Your girls did a truly great job with that set-up. They have a good eye. And thank you for the tip on the Etsy blog. I didn't even know they had one!

  4. Thanks! Yes, my girls really do have a good eye. I wish I could be younger and be their friend, it would be fun.

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. i love this friday feature :)

    and what a nice santa to give you such lovely photo toys! now i see how the professionals do it! (i have terrible light and often have to set things up by my back door and crop out the floor mat ...)

    okay, off to check out the Jenny Doh stamps - fun stuff!
    xo Lis

  6. what a fantastic photo set up-- and thanks for all the tips.

  7. How exciting to have such a professional set-up. And your girls did a great job with the staging - with your lovely card as the center piece, the picture is perfect.

  8. Your card and the photograph are fabulous-- So fun to work on it with your kids :-)

    I'm a quilter so I'm off to view the video. Thanks.

    Have a great week, jj


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