Between me, my kids and the world

Why do people on TV and online cuss so much?  It makes my job as a mom harder and restricts my freedom.

There are good programs out there that I want to share with my kids but can’t. Take Project Runway for example. My girls love fashion and creativity, which is the focus of that show. But we can’t enjoy it together because of the cussing and sexuality references. Then there is YouTube. My son loves to watch top ten soccer goals on YouTube, but I have to do the searches and hold my hand over the comments area because there is invariably someone exclaiming in the worst terms why this collection of goals or that player sucks.

Now I can’t do anything about other folks’ freedom of speech and I am no prude. I can watch an R rated movie with the toughest of the rest. I just wish people could find a less lazy way of expressing themselves. Cussing is the quickest way to complain or show emotion. I know this to be true because I have been a cusser – have you every seen an Irish movie that wasn’t loaded down with profanity? It goes with the territory, but that does not mean I am not trying to raise the bar for myself and my kids.

Since I refuse to reject the world and become a separatist not allowing my kids be a part of the modern world, I will continue to oversee and limit what my kids do and see. I understand that my role as a parent includes being vigilant and ready to step in between my kids and the world. And who ever said being a parent would be easy?

But what makes me sad is that that cussing is only the tip of the iceberg. I think of all the darkness that is in the world that my kids are yet to see and my stomach clenches. I think of their happy, innocent minds being polluted by evil. Uhhh. 

I can’t protect them forever. I can try to educate my five kids so that they will make wise choices in what they hear, see and do. And I can and do pray for them. I pray that the Lord will protect their bodies, minds and hearts from bad things. 

And I can take time to expose them to the good things too, fill up their minds with art and color, stories and happy experiences. I can continue to light candles to push back the darkness. I just wish sometimes the darkness wasn’t so pervasive.


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