Making something to prove I am still me

In my own comments yesterday I said I would make something, just to do it.

So I did. A simple 10 minute collage on a tiny notebook I picked up at Target the other day. Nothing profound. But it reminds me I can, yes. This is me, I can pull something together. 

I heard clearly yesterday from some readers, sweet commenters and from emails -  we are many in the boat of mother, artist, balance, worry. It is so good to know I am not alone.

But how I wish we were all together in real life. The internet is great for bringing us together intellectually, but how nice it would be to meet in real life! Shannon Mucha and I have a bold idea to one day open an art center. It would be so cool to have workshops and classes and bring together like minds, if even for a weekend. I know there are tons of retreats around, but for me now with my 5 young kids it is not doable. I know that is probably the same for many of my blog friends. But it is nice to have that dream, that 'wild hope' for the future. It keeps me motivated to stay in the game all the while I am raising my beautiful ones.

A poem for today too...

Afternoon Homemaking
By Shona Cole

it is odd the way the gold
drifts across the tile
in the afternoon
I notice it when I pause
at the stove
spoon in hand
browning the meat.
I am at my station
I am where I need to be,
people come in and go out
but I stay here
stirring the pot

dusk is falling through
the door way
coming in with the dogs
the chattering children,
their father
all breathless with delight
pulling the day closed behind

** Often I forget to add 'by Shona Cole' on my poem posts.... but just in case you didn't realize most everything I post here I wrote.


  1. Shona, This is so lovely, all told, the notebook, the act of making, your art center dream, the poem. . . in truth I was so moved by your balance/artist/mother post that I couldn't comment-- so moved to read as you wrote of this dance to find where we can put our energies.

    Thanks for creating the togetherness of at least this virtual space, for being vulnerable and real which always gives others permission and courage to be vulnerable and real.

  2. Shona - I think we forget sometimes that we are not actually superwomen... sometimes we just have to be... Take care of yourself.

  3. Lovely, Shona...

  4. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I would so love an art center where my children are welcomed--because they are also artistic. One reason I've homeschooled all of these years is because I *like* to be around my kids and share their experiences. It would be so wonderful to have a place to go where there are workshops we could attend together, projects on which my children and I could collaborate. We do this at home, of course, but what fun it would be to be able to attend a family art retreat.

    While I'm waiting for that art center to appear, I'm trying to do my small part in encouraging moms in our local Mothers of Preschoolers group to take time for creativity by providing a place for them to meet and work on their own creative projects as they fellowship.

    Along the same lines, since we have written a science book aimed at homeschoolers, my husband and I have dreamed for years of hosting a family science camp.

    Maybe some day we will all see these big dreams come true. :-)


  5. What a lovely poem - it touched me. Made me miss the times I had when my children were young. Now my children are grown and have busy lives of their own. But I do miss those times when we laughed, and created and read and touched. Thanks for thisloving post!
    Love your artwork as well!

  6. Loving the post in it's entirety. The notebook, the sentiment of desire to have a 'meet-up' and the poem.

  7. Ms Shona,

    Several years ago you left a comment on my old blog. I don't remember what my post was about or your comment, but I remember the thrill of receiving it (I'd followed your work for sometime) and that it really encouraged me to push on.

    As artists, we sometimes lose our way. We sometimes wonder if we can really do this. Creatively. Physically. Emotionally.

    Sometimes actually just doing SOMETHING is the start. I've felt the same way. I started layering colours in one of my art journals. So far there are 5 colours layered on one page!! What will come next? I'm not sure. Not sure how or when. But it will come.

    Until then, you're doing just great as you are.


  8. I'm over here secretly cheering..Yeah Shona!! Perfect..just perfect...

    I ADORE the poem..and doesn't it feel good just to make something?..anything? The week I 'had' to make Peggy's banner..I felt as if I had gone to heaven..a whole week to create without feeling 'guilty'. Reading this makes me realize that I'm just going to have to pick an evening..and tell the kids I'm 'not available'. I've gotten so flexible that there's never time to really make something.

    Thanks for sharing this Shona. :o)


  9. Silvia9:32 PM

    As a mom of two who is trying to find balance herself, time to paint and write and be a mother, wife, friend ... the list goes on ... your poem today and your post yesterday really hit home ... you write so so beautifully and captured exactly how I have been feeling lately.
    Sometimes it is enough to be wiping crumbs and stirring the pot - sometimes we feel as if things are not happening for us creatively, or it's just too hard to find that balance ... and then we realize that in those times things are actually quietly simmering inside, germinating. And that's OK ... those quiet times where we almost forget who we are. It will come back round again. Take care of yourself while you wait. x

  10. Again so beautifully expressed. Poem is deligtful.
    I too wish for some sort of like minded art centre/retreat. But like so many others it is perhaps not a reality just yet. In the meantime my heart has been stirring and I am planning a mini retreat of sorts in my own kitchen. I plan to invite a up to 6 women to come share in some art/craft fun. I plan to charge a small fee allowing these women to use my tools and supplies and just play. This time will also allow for fellowship and of course some yummy treats and a nice cup of tea. Thinking one evening once a month at the moment to see what evolves. As I said a mini retreat of sorts with dreams to go further. I wish I could invite you Shona and your blog readers but I live in Australia. However if you ever plan a trip to our part of the world you are more than welcome to pop in for a cuppa and a good chat.

  11. I am totally impressed that you made the beautiful collage in just 10 minutes! YOu've inspired me to make something too, what I don't know but I'll get creative soon. Thanks, jj

  12. And your voice emerges once again amidst all the commotion of life. I love the collage and the poem.

    If you ever have a workshop I'll do my best to come down to TX from the frozen north to soak in the camaraderie that's bound to overflow in the studio.

  13. your blog is always lovely

  14. Hi Shona,
    I used to write a lot of poetry in my younger days, but they were an expression of my angst, dark and desperate.
    I read your poetry and it is so real, everyday life in a picture, it makes me think of writing again, with a lighter heart.
    thankyou for sharing your gifts and continuing to inspire me.


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