My valentine poem

From the other room
I hear the pages turn
the coffee sputter into the mug,
the yellow one?

after 16 years of marriage
we have not eclipsed one another
are not frozen in action, daily and stale

no, we are still learning each other’s ways,
still finding treasure
I tread, welcome but trembling
you are the continent I choose
over and over, my feet never tired,
my journey never over

I wake and am aware of the singleness
when you are gone
the bare bed vast and cold
knowing you are next door
reading some impenetrable tome
or emailing a brother I have not seen
for years, laughing at his jokes
a continued conversation of your own

you are the master of
a world that defines you as not me

I travel on
I am not lost, just wondering

you are still the thrill I seek
still huge, stable, secure

this morning you came back to bed
your cold body needing mine,
you crossed the ocean to my side
finding that equalizing of heat
your chest on my back, arm heavy on my shoulder,
legs entwined, tight
like a picture that I sometimes see
of my eternal place beyond this land
a star formation
of lovers always together


  1. I'm going to have to make a love poem for my man Mike now : )

    Thanks as always for the inspiration fellow mother, wife & lover.

  2. I can't write poetry- but was thinking a lot of these things this last weekend when we celebrated our 20 anniversary!

  3. That's a beautiful poem. You are lucky to have each other and this forever journey together.

    I also love the heart piece...

  4. Love this! What a beautiful Valentine!

  5. I read this to Marty this morning over the phone on his way to work. He said that he wrote one like that for me, but he can't find it, that the dog ate it.

    Really beautiful, Shona.

  6. That is one of the most beautiful things I have EVER read. Your words painted the picture today and it was stunning.

  7. I love that! In so many ways it resonates with my relationship with my own husband. We'll be married 19 years in May.

  8. Oh Shona: "you are the continent I choose
    over and over, my feet never tired,
    my journey never over"

    just beautiful!

  9. A great poet you are!
    love your pink and tiny bits of red "heart" your art!

  10. WoW!! What an awesome poem Shona!! Sigh..just perfect!

    You are as much an artist with words as with photos. I'm just stunned.


  11. Shona, that is just amazing! One of my favorites yet ;) I'm sure he loves it - Happy Valentines Day to you all, Kristin xo

  12. This definitely inspires me to write poetry again!


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