I live with interesting people. These people, together with a very inventive neighbor boy, create stories every day. Out of fresh minds. Out leaves and sticks and near by forests. Out of a love for adventure.

Oh, the future is exciting! How beautiful that I get to see it unfold. 

(no live trees were cut down to create this house, they gathered trees, branches already felled)

I wrote about ACTIVE SATISFACTION on the Wishstudio! It is one of my favorite articles, I am really trying to live in active satisfaction. It is hard, but doable. Let me know what you think.


  1. Your article about active satisfaction has come at a very poignant time in my life. Thankyou. I know God is using you to reveal His message to me. I will pray that you will be able to continue to live in active satisfaction and continue to bless others through your blog.

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    gosh, i loved this.
    my little person is soooo like your little people.
    full of imagination and forever and always creating amazing worlds.
    we are blessed.
    so very blessed that we can
    be so close to it all and watch
    it unfold.
    happy monday...

  3. Shona, this is such a beautiful photo story! You capture the imaginative play of boys and girls so well. Our lives were full of such adventures until the kids started outgrowing them.

    Lovely lovely photos! Very captivating!


    PS. I'm trying some new focus on my photos..attention to detail. It worked very well on today's post. :o)

  4. I really needed to read Active Satisfaction today. You know, I constantly struggle in this mothering job. I do crave myself back. I really do. It is such a challenge at times to let it go, and be happy with the little pieces that are still me, and getting them in when I can. I have struggled with this thought lately as well, as we think about have our forth and last child. Do I do it and live the dream in my head of many children and the giving my family the life I never had, or do I stop, even though I we want another, only because I am tired and want some me time back. It seems so selfish of me to even need this. And you're right. You absolutely cannot let any part of your mothering go. Mothering eats at my patience and tests me again and again, but ultimately, I believe I am striving to raise amazing people, and how complete they do make us, my heart so full with love.

    Thank you so much, always, for your words. They help me so.


  5. Your photos always make me pause and remember all the wonderful years I've had being a mom and how much I miss having kids at home. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous1:19 PM

    This was so my brother, sister and I growing up. I miss the days of make-believe!

  7. The photos took me into the forest! Great picture of the forest and children, I always enjoy reading your posts!

  8. shona these pictures are simply amazing! love this post.


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