My breakfast room studio

I have finally realized that now is not the time in my life for me to be shut away for hours in my workshop. So I am moving my studio back into the house. I have a room right next to my kitchen which I was not really using. It has a set of lovely red built in bookshelves that I am stocking with all my art and craft materials. That way I can truly integrate my art into my life, I can work on something easily when I have a few minutes free rather than waiting for big block of time to come along. I will be able to go do a load of laundry, bring the girls a drink in bed or answer Matthew's 11pm questions and jump back into work with ease.
I bought a great project table from Pottery Barn a few days ago and it is already here! I also got a bunch of 'cottage baskets' that they were selling cheap to hold my stuff, so it can look a little neat when I need it to. I am so excited about this new arrangement. I am really at the center of all that is mine now and it feels good.

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  1. Hi Shona!
    Your new art space looks great!!
    Just don't eat the glue! he he he.
    I'm also happy to hear you are getting the tools you need!!
    Very important to have lots of good tools ;-]Cheers, Lisa


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