October 27, 2008


Susan Tuttle offered a list of random words on her blog with the direction to make a poem. She learned this idea from Misty Mawn while taking one of her workshops. I love a challenge. This poem is my response to the words.

I am proud to include Misty as another contributor to my book. I have long admired her art work, her commitment to her children and artistic vision, I am so delighted to have had the chance to interview her and glean precious bits of knowledge from Misty, and from the other women I have and am yet to reveal.

October 17, 2008

Art Journaling

Over the passed year Shannon Mucha and I have been collaborating on a handmade journal. She would create a page then put it in a leather folder and give it to me at church, without discussing it I would take it home and create a page in response. It was a beautiful, unspoken conversation. Visual. Poetic.

The pages of the book have been loosely housed in the folder, going back and forth between us, but this week we finally bound the book. It is a year of reflections on our motherhood - the ups and downs, the beauty, the weight, the loveliness.

Shannon, a free lance graphic designer, photographer, mixed media artist and all around artsy girl is another one of the contributors to my North Light book.

October 10, 2008

My first digital collage

I am so inspired by Susan Tuttle's digital work (just see her blog banner!!). This week I was fortunate enough to see some samples of her work (images that will appear in my book) and while my piece looks nothing like Susan's I wanted to have a go at least merging two photos together.

I have finished the first draft of the book and am working on the projects and pulling in work from my contributors. I am pleased with the progress and mostly how much art work I am doing. When I have a deadline I am most productive. This book writing venture is really suiting me!

Some housekeeping notes:

I will be adding to the list of the artists who will be featured in my book in a side bar. There is no particular order that I will unveil them, so to speak, just my whim. So stay tuned!

For ease sake, I have turned the comments back on. I felt a little bad that folks would have to take extra steps to email me a comment. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to seek me out via email, and I welcome you back here to say hello.


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