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Many people ask me ‘How do you do it all?” when they hear that I have 5 kids that I homeschool and I do art, photography and write poetry.

Well, I wrote my book, The Artistic Mother, in part to answer those questions.

I believe that it is important for Mom, especially a stay at home Mom, to have something she does for herself, to exercise her God given gifts. And I know it is tough to do that. Young kids need someone to watch them, care for them, talk to them, teach them about the world. They need you.

But it is vital that you do not neglect yourself so that you can be the best Mom you can be. Your children deserve the best from you. So it is important that you learn the skill of time management and are creating something daily.

My book is divided into 3 sections:

1) In section one I outline my very practical ideas on making time for art.
2) Next, I introduce the tools necessary for my three artistic loves – photography, poetry and mixed media art.
3) Finally, I lay out a 12 week workshop with a day by day schedule to help guide you to completing the projects.

If you are not getting around to making something, perhaps you could let me show you how I do it.

It is exciting always to know you are not alone. Seven wonderful Artistic Mothers, including Misty Mawn and Rebecca Sower, are introduced in my book, you will get a little peek into their lives. It is inspiring – if they can do it, so can you.

I love to hear from book readers. If you have read my book and have questions or comments then email me at

All the best on your own Artistic Mother journey!


You can purchase the book at the following online stores:

Barnes and Nobles in Canada also in Canada
Infibeam - has shipping info for India for ordering in Japan for UK orders in the UK for Germany (thanks Birgit)
Eason in Ireland


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