January 24, 2009

Granny has arrived

My mother usually comes for a visit in the Spring, but this year she is here a little early to watch my kids while I go to North Light Books for my book's photoshoot. So this year I am especially grateful, but nervous now she is here because her presence means that I am really doing this!

It is one thing to write here at home and make projects with steps that I like to do, it is another thing to show them to the world and say 'here, why don't you buy my book and do this too'! Going with my art and words to Cincinnati is the first big step in my coming out of the cocoon of creativity, where I have been surrounded by my supportive friends and family. Phew! What will the world think? But more pressing: what will the editor, photographers, book designers and whoever else is on the team think?

But stage fright nerves aside, I am excited about this pending trip: I know I will learn so much about the book making process, I am going to meet many cool and creative people, I get to fly alone for the second time since I moved to the States (without a diaper bag and snacks and sippy cups), I get to show what I know I can do, what I like to do and be paid for it.

I am looking to those positives to help me forget that I am leaving my babies and wonderful man for a whole week. But take a look at that photo, my kids are in great hands: my mother's. She spent the whole day today, jet lagged from a 24 hour trip, playing with the kids, doing crafts, wrestling on the bed, watching their 'show' (You Tube video coming soon), walking up to see the horses in 40 degree weather and on and on it goes. She is the best granny my kids could have. She has hit the ground running so that I can do my thing.

January 03, 2009

welcome to 2009

It is going to be a good art year. I feel it, I am committed to making it so.

In the latest Cloth, Paper, Scissors Chrysti Hydeck has a great article on creating layers in digital art. I love being inspired by books and magazines, I love having something in my hand to curl up with on the sofa that then makes me bound up to my studio/computer and get working. I created this photo using her directions, I like the texture.

And my smiling, happy artistic Lily is the perfect face for my 2009 art vision. Ahhh, if I could go back in time and be a child like Lily, happily creating everyday.... sweetness.

I have been laying around for a few days nursing a cold going over and over my vision and goals for this year. I have distilled them down a little. Each line and word represents so much to me, but I want to be succinct.

Here are some of my goals. I feel by posting them here I am going to held accountable:

2009 goals

write an artist statement for each group of photos, art work and poems

learn more about my new lens and decide on my next purchase (tripod, lens, photoshop ???)

listen to/read a poem a day

re-organize my craft room and kids craft shelf system

do a craft with the girls every Friday and Lily & Laura one on one at least once a week

take my camera with me daily

meet every AOC and North Light deadline

blog once in a while until I turn in my manuscript, after that.... more

visit 5 art blogs (art or photo) a day

re-read all the photo 'how to' books I own

work with Shannon at least once a week on our Motherhood art project

work on the sculpture path at least once a month, write up the proposal and get commitments

.....I may add to this list, but this should keep me going for now....


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