February 13, 2008

My table is clean

I just finished up my biggest Artist On Call order for the summer publication of Inspirations. I mailed off a box with more than 3o pieces, all labeled and bubble wrapped. Phew! It was a lot of work, but I loved doing every single piece. The challenge of being given stamps or products that I would not have chosen myself and finding a way to create something, magazine worthy, is simply wonderful.

I am excited to see what the other AOC's do with the same tools and to see what Stampington choose to publish of mine. Even though I have been published a bunch in various Stampington magazines I still get nervous when sending something off. I worry will they like it, is it up to par, am I cutting any edges or merely repeating what I have done before. Either way, this is what I am working on and these images are a little sneak peak!

In case you wonder, all the stamps you see here are Stampington & Co. stamps:
Wrought Scroll
Ledger Flourish
Elegant Butterfly
Blooming Contessa
Polka Dot Heart
bird from Clearly Impressed 'Bird Sanctuary'
butterfly from Clearly Impressed 'Rock and Roll'
poppy pods from Clearly Impressed 'Fresh Flower Elements'
script from Collage Cube


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