May 02, 2012

Out with the old. In with the new.

It's the little things that count. The details. The door hardware. The faucets. The light fixtures. That match. Or at least coordinate.

Out with the old shiny 'gold' door handles; in with the Venetian bronze ones.

I am changing them out a few a day with my trusty old hand drill. I have also done some plumbing - I replaced Lily's bathroom faucet! I googled how to uninstall and install bathroom faucets and found tons of helpful videos. No more calling a plumber for little jobs for me again. I can work this out myself!!

I am determined. I'm doing a little bit of house updating everyday. 15 ceiling fans are next. This time they will all look the same and actually work!! In time my house will look like it should. Intentionally whole and thought out.

It's like gathering clouds together. Soon it will be rain. Lovely, necessary, green making rain.

Me and my drill. We are making it happen!


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