November 25, 2012


Sometimes I think that our kids learn more from what we do that what we say. What has been interesting me lately is what things each of my children have modeled from me. I see different parts of me in different kids.

I have spent a huge part if my mothering years being 'the artistic mother', creating, being busy, living around art and art supplies. While all of my children like to draw and paint, I see the crafty, creative bug has taken hold in my child, Laura more than the others. She has seen me and she has become her own version of me - only she is doing way more that I ever did!

She is the embodiment of creative energy.

I have lived it before her. She lives it now, whether she is making houses out of cigar boxes or sewing a skirt that can never fit a real person or making overly sweet lemonade, she never stops. Never. If I have not seen Laura for a while I know she is deep in some creative project.

It is a little scary to be a role model to human beings!


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