April 27, 2009

Book Title!

I have the title of my book.... drum roll please:

The Artistic Mother: A Practical Guide to Fitting Creativity into Your Busy Life.

I am very excited about that title. I think that it pretty much sums up the main focus of the book.

I have often picked up wonderful 'how to' books and magazines, filled to the brim with ideas and new techniques, I get so inspired and want to do everything in the book, right now!... but then real life crashes in on me and I have to do the laundry, make peanut butter sandwiches, potty train etc. For a long time I never got around to doing some of the projects I wanted as being proactive with my time and maintaining the motivation for art didn't come naturally. I wanted a workshop, a 'real life' schedule, a clear path laid out for me, instructing me on how this self taught art life was going to actually fit into my life. Well, in reality no one was going to do that for me. So I learned how to do that for myself.

And now, I have written that path down in this book.

Unfortunately, it won't available until next Spring. Fortunately, the folks at North Light Books are total pros and will make sure this book does exactly what it is meant to and look exactly how it is meant to.

In the meantime, do you like the title????

April 06, 2009

An extrovert being silent = difficult space

There is so much I can't share yet, so much that will be/maybe in the book - words, ideas, art, photos. Just like for Stampington & Co. I don't like to put on my blog what they may put in their magazines, I am trying to not post photos or ideas that maybe in the book.

I am a big talker, keeping quiet is very hard for me. My real life friends can attest to this. And when I talk I like to speak from the heart, to be authentic and real. When I can't do that - because of possible publishing - I end up being silent. I could ramble on about other things, but my passion is for motherhood and creativity. Both are the topic of my book. I want to talk. But I want to honor the publishing process.

I am so close to sending my final book draft to my editor, Liz Casler. I have sent her a few versions, but I am never satisfied and keep revising and reworking it. At some point I need to say 'it is finished'.... at least until Liz comes back with her changes, which I know will be coming - it says so in the North Light Authors handbook at least 20 times!!

Artwork from my wonderful contributors is pouring into Liz's office and I am so excited! I feel so honored that they are a part of this book. I just love Shelley Kommers work, Liz just received her artwork. Check her out.

One day I will be talking more here, or perhaps in a new blog format (I have a few podcast ideas, then I could really talk and not just write). I hope you will stick around, check back in and forgive my silence.


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