August 28, 2010

Quick and easy soda can earrings

At lunchtime the other day I was browsing the 3rd issue of Stampington & Co. Greencraft magazine and I was arrested by the simplicity, beauty and brilliance of earrings on page 24-25 made by Loretta Castagnolo - out of soda cans!!! I showed them to Lily, who is 8 and into anything pretty, and who as expected wanted me to make her a pair.

We literally took a can out of the trash can, cleaned it and within 10 minutes had a pair of pretty pink earrings ourselves! How is that for immediate gratification?

It helps that I have jewelry making supplies ready in my craft room. But really it didn't take too much - just a butterfly hole punch (mine is a Martha Stewart one), 20 gauge wire, wire cutter, needle nose pliers, awl and earring findings.

1) cut the top and bottom off the can (careful, it is sharp)
2) punch the image (butterfly) from a pretty part of the can
3) use awl to make little hole in butterfly
4) cut a piece of wire about 2 inches long. thread wire onto butterfly, twist into S loop, trim any excess
5) attach the earring finding to wire

Thank you to Loretta for her inspiration (I would have contacted her to ask her permission but there was no contact email or website in the magazine and google turned up little by way of her name).


Last week the winner of my Saturday giveaway chose decorative over functional. That leaves the function journal free for this week's winner.....


of Shimmer and Tulle

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Please check out my post on the Wishstudio. I particularly like this essay as it is all about keeping a positive mind, a mindset necessary to soar through the artistic mother life!

In contrast to the photo of my little guy crying over at the Wishstudio:

Momma loves you Maximus


  1. Those are absolutely darling.

    Host of The Artistic Mother's Art Group

  2. hi shona! i so enjoyed reading your article at wishstudio, all of it so true and very well written! i am mother to 4 and there are definately days whe i yearn to be artistic yet am tied up with the family demands, and struggling to stay positive. nice to know there are others like me out there. also - love the soda can tutorial - cant wait to try it out! peace and love, chella

  3. the earrings are lovely, the joy and flirty look generated by the butterflies in your daughter's eyes unique and the "Momma loves you Maximus" photo most incredibly BEAUTIFUL!
    Such a joy starting my day by looking at all this...
    Thank you!

  4. What cute results, from the soda can earrings! So simple yet so cute.
    And the baby is growing at the speed of light!

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  6. Love the earrings but aren't the edges sharp. Was it hard to punch out.

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      I was wondering the same thing regarding how sharp they might be...

  7. I LOVE the earrings!!! I think that will make agreat project for DD to make for her friends for Christmas this year!!

  8. Hmm... I've been contemplating some earrings like this but wasn't sure if the edges would be sharp. Have you had a problem with that? Thanks!! I love the picture of you and maximus! And the twinkle in your daughter's eyes, lovely!

  9. Wow, what a good idea! Are they still sharp when they're earrings? or how do you make the edges not sharp?

    I'll have to try that :-)

    Cute picture!

  10. Those earrings are brilliant! Are they not sharp?? My Lily is nearly 8 and wants her ears pierced too. Oh my I bet she would love a pair of these. I have findings and wire and tools but not the punch. Thanks for this post. x

  11. adorable earrings! who knew that these punches are strong enough to punch through aluminum?! I must try this too.

  12. Crystal1:19 AM

    Cute idea!!
    I have been enjoying your sweet blog.
    I am a follower and will visit again!


    cyclona66(at) aol dot com

  13. Thank you all for your kind comments! I appreciate you taking the time to visit and say hi!

    Many of you have asked about the ease and sharpness of the can - I was so surprised at how soft the metal was and easy to punch. I thought I would be pressing and pressing, but it was actually easier to punch than cardboard (which I have tried before).
    I think perhaps the punch itself makes the edges rounded cause they are not sharp at all. Lily wore them all day today and they didn't bother her at all.

  14. What a great way to make inexpensive earring. I love when my daughter and I can make something together. What a sweet picture of you and Maximus.

  15. These earrings are adorable! What a great idea and a fun mother/daughter activity. Have a great week!

  16. Very cute! Love the upcycle factor.

  17. love this project ... I saw it in GreenCraft too and it is on my list of projects to try as well.
    Glad to hear that you had the same comment about them not being sharp on the edges ... it was one of my concerns too.

  18. Nice job on the earrings. It's a cleaver idea. And way to go on the article at Wishstudio. It's well written and excellent advice.

    Cheers, jj

  19. Hi Shona!
    Thank you for your visit and for the inspiration here - I love the earrings and your baby is so very cute - I love that you got to it right away and had that instant gratification! AND I am still loving the fabric flowers from the last issue via your blog!
    Thanks again for always being such a wonderful example of creative living,
    Kristin xo

  20. I just wanted to say I love the name Maximus.

  21. do you need to blunt the edges? And your cans are much prettier than the ones we have here! though I may have a closer look now ;p

  22. Wow those are great!! I have punches in other shapes, the possibilities are endless!

  23. Your earrings is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature it at

    Contact me here if you have a concern.



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