Peek Inside

'Peek inside' is where I give you a closer look at some of the art in my book, The Artistic Mother.

As space in my book is limited to 128 pages and designed beautifully by Marissa Bowers to be readable and uncluttered, not every piece/page of the mixed media books can be seen. So I will be revealing them here over the coming months.

1. Altered Storybook ~ 'Annie loves drawing' cover and on p96-99
2. Round Robin book by Mendy Mitrani p22 and p58
3. Round Robin book by Carrie Harney p22
4. Round Robin book by Cindy Mayfield p22
5. Round Robin book by Sarah Keith p22
6. Altered Storybook ~ 'Dancing Girl' p10 (in box and housed in the little bag front and center on the cover!)
7. Tribute book ~ 'Lily' p18
8. Altered tin with poetry book ~ 'Favorites' p18
9. My art studio p30 ~ more views of where I create
10. Poetry box ~ p33 and p120-123
11. Poetry scrapbook - p104-107
12. Inchie poetry book - p114, 118-119


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