January 16, 2010

Altered Board game idea & giveaway #6

I thought it would be fun to alter a board game for my girls. My girls love all things pretty and you will have to agree that Dora CandyLand is just not that pretty:

So I used gesso, paint, stamps, pastels and pencil to make this more appealing to my girls (and to me).

I painted it with a light layer of gesso mixed with some red craft paint first. This gives the surface 'tooth' for the paint. I watered the gesso down so that I would still be able to see some of the printed game below the gesso, especially the path that I painted a lighter version than what was underneath and outlined in pencil:

I used sewing pattern arrows to show the direction of the shortcuts:

I used two directional arrows for some of the shortcuts for added excitement!

I decorated the edges of the board with decorative stamps and some blended pastels & lead pencil lines:

I added images by stamping directly on the surface. This is nerve wrecking to do as I am a sloppy stamper! Luckily I am usually going for the rustic, weathered look, so if I don't stamp perfectly it doesn't matter (and there is always gesso to cover mistakes up!) I then colored these images with pencil:

I also added an image by gluing on a piece of paper that had been stamped and painted:

I used stamped images that showed which direction to move in:

I added stamped words for interest:

I indicated where to begin and end the game with stamped words:

To make a pretty dice I stamped a butterfly in 6 different Staz On inks and glued them to a plain white cardboard block. I added pastels to the edges of the block:

I made game pieces by stamping on Shrinky Dink paper, trimming them to a kind of oval shape, adding some color with chalk pastels and then using a heat tool to shrink them:

So here is the BEFORE and AFTER:

My girls enjoyed playing their new game:


We are at giveaway # 6, there will be 8 more of these before my book comes out! I wish I could give everyone something. Instead I am using the random generator to choose who is the next to win.

And this week it is......

Ellyn of Ellyn's Place


Pick your prize from the choices below (click on image to see a larger image) and post it in the comments. I will contact you via email so you can send me, privately, your physical address.

Choice #1 - Printed fabric glasses case

Choice #2 - Size 12 month onsie for little girl with matching gift tag

Choice #3 - decorated pegs some of which appeared in the Spring 2008 issue of Somerset Life

For everyone else - Please check back in next Saturday to see if you win something. I will offer a new set of prizes. I will try to offer a range of things in the hopes something will appeal to you when it's your turn! And thank you for being a part of 'An Artful Life'.

And of course, if you are not listed as following this blog, you are welcome to do so! Join in the fun.


  1. This just awesome!!! Great idea!!

  2. What a clever, creative idea for the board game...and SO much nicer than what was "manufactured"!!

    Congrats to your winner!

  3. Looking at the before picture I had no idea you would be able to transform it so. Excellent job, so pretty!

  4. PRETTY GAME! I love it.

    ALthough it just made me think that it's a good thing I had a boy and a girl, because I can get so wrapped up in being a girl myself, and pretty things and female things, that I get separated from the masculine world.

    I wonder what an altered boardgame for a boy, or a gender neutral one would be. And can you combine cars, superheroes, fairies and ballerinas?

  5. thank you everyone! It is fun to make something that pleases others, isn't it?

    Mixing gender interest is something I totally think it can be done. let me think....
    You could use different images, that would appeal to the boy - vintage car stamps, pics of animals, wizards etc. Then for color, you could either use neutral colors - browns, yellows, oranges, greens, or do one side of the board in girls colors, blending into the boyish colors... I can see it in my head as I type. I feel the challenge!

  6. That's really neat, Shona. I'm sure it was a lot more fun to play.

  7. Hey, Shona. It's me again. I just wanted to say that my favorite feature of your blog is when you show us pics of things you have created and especially when you do a tutorial. These tutorials make your blog unique from many other art blogs. Thanks again.

  8. great altered game board and you stamping looks just fine to me..

  9. I am like sitting here with my mouth hanging open at what you accomplished with that game board. Fascinating!!!

  10. Your altered game is fabulous! What a unique idea. Cindi

  11. What a transformation of a hideous game! Your version is so much lovelier. I'm going to have to remember this!

  12. this is such an incredibly cool idea! and the execution and final product is gorgeous! i really think this is creative and unusual--I have never seen anything else like it! great job!

  13. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Those pretty pegs will brighten my sewing studio! I love them....

    I love watching how you transformed that game. What lucky little girls!

  14. My daughter would actually have been sad to see the Dora board covered up, as we're in the mist of Dora love, but I find your new and improved version to be just wonderful. Thank you for all the tips.

  15. WOW!!! I would've never thought of that - what a great idea... and it turned out so beautifully!!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  16. i love what you have done with this game Shona!

    I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your "Conversation" over at Persisting Stars and how moved I am by your Haiti post.


  17. What a beautiful board game. Love that children are so visual and understand beauty, don't you? Thanks for sharing this treasure.

  18. Love how you altered this game board...a good reminder that making art is a great way to play!

  19. Oh, this is so fun. And the clothespins, too!

  20. This is so creative! I just discovered your blog and I think I'm going to love it! I'm adding it to my blog list. Bye! Beth

  21. What a great, creative idea to transform a gameboard into something more appealing. Simply beautiful!

  22. Absolutely lovely! The muted colors are so much more intriguing than the original brights. Lucky girls.

  23. So, so beautiful. (The creativity makes me jealous and joyful at the same time... weird combo.) Very cool.

  24. How cute is that! I think even "I" would enjoy candy land again on that board! Your stuff is beyond fantastic!

  25. Shona,

    i LOVE the board game! nicely done!

  26. Your altered game board is superb!
    Jeri www.shadyladiesalteredart.blogspot.com

  27. I'm a little unclear about how to officially "follow" your blog (other than bookmarking it and returning often), so I'm commenting in the hopes that that's sufficient for entering into the contest ... or maybe someone will post more specific directions for me to "follow"!

    I'm inspired! Thanks for that, and for the contests!

  28. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Absolutely LOVE this idea. Looks great.


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