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It took 3 children before I felt the depth of the challenge of motherhood. Laura... "how do keep a wave upon the sand, how do you hold a moombeam in your hand?" She is one of those people born with a force of will that means she must be destined for something great.

She scared me, she rattled every selfish bone in my body. I didn't want to have to work at being a mother, I wanted it as easy as it was with my first 2. I have tried to run from her, but when I did I made it worse. I am no longer running, I am embracing and the more I indulge in being her mother the more her great sweetness is emerging.


  1. this post was so touching...i know what you mean about having moments when you want to run from them. i was suprised to discover that feeling with motherhood too. i can't even quite describe it to others. but you're right--embracing and indulging are so much better.

  2. What a beautiful post. Your words are so powerful. I have a 7 year old energetic and lovely son. An old woman I had never met said to me, "Your son has the spirit. Never let him lose it."

  3. Lovely photos, especially the second one!
    Your words about Laura remind my feelings about Liam. Funnily enough, in my case it has worked the other way. His overwhelming energy made me worry if I could handle another 1/2 like him... but it turned out that his younger brothers are completely different and much more mellow! Phew!

  4. Hi Shona,
    Love your work! Wondering if you would like to exchange links to each other's blogs? Mine is at http://www.ilkasattic.blogspot.com. My email is stuttle2@verizon.net

    I couldn't find your email.


  5. Love both pics! and am so Glad to be a mother! altho my kids are all older now, they still need hugs! xo

  6. This post is beautiful! I have been feeling this lately with my middle baby. He is such a challenge some days. but he is really soooo sweet.



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