This is a peek at what I have done for the Nature issue of Somerset Studio. It is called, unimaginatively, Nature Girl. This is not a great photo of it as I can't photoshop it due to the pine needles sticking out. I like the painted stick :)

It is due February 15 and it is for the July/August issue. Somerset must see a ton of art, I would love to go to their office to see how it all happens. I have sent them bunches of stuff and so far everything that was published has come back intact. Can you tell I am a big Somerset supporter? :)


  1. beautiful piece, Shona!

    ... happy birthday to Annie, by the way! Wow is time flying or what?


  2. I love it! What a fantastic piece!

    I tried to post a comment yesterday and encountered some internet issues...then the day got away...

    To sum it up...I've so enjoyed following your blog. You're doing a great job with it. I must admit that I have shyed away from art most of my life (although I LOVE creating), b/c there are several very talented artists in my family (brother, mom, grandparents, uncle, and on and on). It's always been intimidating...but, you've inspired me to go for it anyway. Plus, Gabriel has taken a huge interest in art, and it has forced me to open that door. It's been great fun.

    Also, I can't tell you how many times the Lord has used you to encourage me and touch my heart where my children are concerned. "as iron sharpens iron..."

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to beautiful Annie Rose (whom Harrison says has such a cute name!)

  3. OOOOOOHHHHH....yes, i just love this! you are so inspiring...


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