Indie Arts DVD magazine

I recently viewed an hour long tour of Stampington on a DVD magazine called Indie Arts. It was amazing!

I have long been a Stampington fan (it was Somerset Studio that introduced me back into the arts after many creatively blank years) and have wondered what the place looks like, what happens my art when it goes there, what the folks look like, sound like and all that. I was blown away watching this DVD that explained all that!

You get to hear the founder & publisher, who is a major visionary, Kellene Giloff explain where the magazine started and where it is going in the future. You hear from Editor-in-chief Jenny Doh, who is so wonderful to work for and who has an amazing energy and drive. You hear from Jana Holstein and Amanda Nolan and more. You get to see them sort, choose, arrange and photograph art work for Somerset Studio. It is a must see for all Somerset fans!

Check out this project of mine. It was sent out by email today for the new Stampington & Co. Creative Impulse weekly email. This project, the 2 sided Desk Poem will be located in "The Studio' on their web page which is dedicated to projects made by products they sell in their online store. Stampington are really stepping up their game with all the new publications and now this email program. Gotta admire their ambition!


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