My first digital collage

I am so inspired by Susan Tuttle's digital work (just see her blog banner!!). This week I was fortunate enough to see some samples of her work (images that will appear in my book) and while my piece looks nothing like Susan's I wanted to have a go at least merging two photos together.

I have finished the first draft of the book and am working on the projects and pulling in work from my contributors. I am pleased with the progress and mostly how much art work I am doing. When I have a deadline I am most productive. This book writing venture is really suiting me!

Some housekeeping notes:

I will be adding to the list of the artists who will be featured in my book in a side bar. There is no particular order that I will unveil them, so to speak, just my whim. So stay tuned!

For ease sake, I have turned the comments back on. I felt a little bad that folks would have to take extra steps to email me a comment. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to seek me out via email, and I welcome you back here to say hello.


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