Last night I was soldering some pendants and my mother was musing about how my granny and her sisters use to knit and sew together in the evenings and take crafts with them where ever they went. My mother did make my clothes when I was little too, but mainly out of necessity. She didn't revel in it, it was just something she did.

Now she doesn't make things, but she was marveling at my love of creating. But I don't just love the act of creating, I love having things 1) that I took the time to make 2) that are artful 3) that you just can't buy in Target.

One of my favorite things is to make stuff for my girls, they love everything pretty and are always so pleased when I make something for them. That kind of encouragement will always bring you back. Anyhow, I was delighted to be in the newest Stampington offering Apronology. Featured in those pages are these aprons I made for my girls when I was at a crafting weekend. I bought the flowers, sticker backed ribbon and buttons at the scrapbooking store we were crafting in, which are not really my style, but I knew Lily and Laura would like them.

When I work I wear a black apron by Michael DeMeng, but after reading this magazine and seeing all the lovely handmade aprons I am feeling inspired to make myself one. Misty Mawn and Rebecca Sower are both in there and worth, as always, checking out.


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