An extrovert being silent = difficult space

There is so much I can't share yet, so much that will be/maybe in the book - words, ideas, art, photos. Just like for Stampington & Co. I don't like to put on my blog what they may put in their magazines, I am trying to not post photos or ideas that maybe in the book.

I am a big talker, keeping quiet is very hard for me. My real life friends can attest to this. And when I talk I like to speak from the heart, to be authentic and real. When I can't do that - because of possible publishing - I end up being silent. I could ramble on about other things, but my passion is for motherhood and creativity. Both are the topic of my book. I want to talk. But I want to honor the publishing process.

I am so close to sending my final book draft to my editor, Liz Casler. I have sent her a few versions, but I am never satisfied and keep revising and reworking it. At some point I need to say 'it is finished'.... at least until Liz comes back with her changes, which I know will be coming - it says so in the North Light Authors handbook at least 20 times!!

Artwork from my wonderful contributors is pouring into Liz's office and I am so excited! I feel so honored that they are a part of this book. I just love Shelley Kommers work, Liz just received her artwork. Check her out.

One day I will be talking more here, or perhaps in a new blog format (I have a few podcast ideas, then I could really talk and not just write). I hope you will stick around, check back in and forgive my silence.


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