I love reading poetry. Perhaps I am not all that deep/clever/intellectual but I like poetry that is accessible - readable, understandable at first or second reading. Rather than writing out a list of poets that I like, over the coming months I am going to link to poems by some of my favorite poets. I hope that you like them and are inspired to want to read more.

Claudia Emerson has been my favorite poets for over a year now. I just can't read her enough. Today's poem is one from her latest book entitled 'Figure Studies'. I love when a poem makes me 'see' the story and feel it at the same time.

This link will bring you to the poem 'What they Want' by Claudia Emerson

In the future I would like to post actual poems here, but my attorney husband is helping me research the best way to do that without violating copyright laws ;). Does anyone know any good places to find out about copyright and blogging?


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