Family Art Project

Lily loves cats but Matthew is allergic to them. To make up for the fact that we can't have cats last year my husband wrote a children's story for her called 'The Cat Family'. It is an adventure story about a family of 17 cats each with their own unique personalities who discover elves living along side them in their house. It is all set in the magical land of Kalevala and some of the cats activities mysteriously resemble my human children. It is a lot of fun!

I printed out the story and made it into a book. Mark read it to the kids last year when we were in Ireland at Powerscourt Gardens. We moved to different parts of the garden to read each chapter. The kids loved the story and for a touch of serendipity as he was reading chapter 4 in the Japanese Garden a cat came to visit us!

Over the past year Mark and Matthew continued on the story and have written a second story about the cat family, this time about an adventure the grandfather cat had when he was younger.

I made a book for it and we plan on reading it to the kids this year at the same place. We are off to Ireland in a few weeks, I will post pictures of this years 'read'. The book I made this year is not as elaborate as last years, as I am running out of time and I have a bunch of other things to do before we go. But I reckon that it is better to have made something rather than nothing at all.


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