Life changing

I am 19 weeks into my fifth pregnancy now. I am in that middle phase where I am showing a belly which gives me an excuse for all the weight I have put on :), I am no longer desperately tired and hungry and am cruising along happy to be carrying a healthy baby.

We found out the sex of the baby Monday and are delighted that we are having a little boy. I was going to be happy with either. If it had been a girl I would have looked forward to more years of wings, crafts and pretty things. Now I know it is a boy, well who knows? Will he be like his big brother, an avid reader, super active, with an intense drive for justice and knowledge? Or will he be influenced by the 3 girls directly above him who will twitter all over him in an artsy and maternal way? In the next few years he will demonstrate his own personality and interests, it will be fun to see where his style of being takes our family.

Being pregnant is one of those life changing experiences, the world will never be the same, this little guy will bring with him something that is unique and special, like all little people do. I feel so blessed to be a part of this creative process.


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