Places to hear poetry

As a mom of 4 little ones I don't have much time to read. I end up doing a little bit of reading here and there. To make sure that I am putting something artistic in my brain daily I need easy access to reading material or honestly it is not going to get done. I have a bunch of poetry books about the house, but sometimes I find it even easier to listen to a poem online. Here are some great places that I go to to listen to a poem a day. The poems are a mixed bag of course, sometimes I like them, others not so much. Here are two:

The Writer's Almanac usually has poems that are very accessible and easy to read. And you get to hear Garrison Keillor's wonderful voice.

The Poetry Foundation is a little more contemporary. I subscribe to their paper magazine also and have found that sometimes they have some edgy and difficult to follow poems. But it is still a great resource and I have listened to a wide range of poets at their site.

The trick is to make poetry reading a daily habit. That can be a difficult to maintain given the busy and often distracting life of a Mom. But these poetry sites makes it a little easier, you just have to remember to bookmark them and then take 2 minutes for a daily visit.


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