Stamping with photoshop & handmade books

I have used stamps for a few years. They are a really quick and simple way to add dimension and decoration to art work. I love to use them to stamp over my photos, but sometimes I get frustrated at how I am limited to the size of the stamp. I have some stamps where I have big and little versions of the stamp, but for most of my stamps it's one size fits all.

Well there is a way of expanding the options! It is found in photoshop. I have only Photoshop Elements 4.0, if I can do this technique with this ol' program anyone who has bigger and better versions can probably do so much more!

You need some version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, a scanner and a printer.

Here are the steps:
1) stamp the image onto a piece of white paper
2) scan images into your computer
3) open the image in photoshop
4) highlight the image with a marquee tool
5) in Edit choose 'Define brush from selection' give it a name and viola: you have a custom made brush.

Open up any photo and then choose either the eraser or brush tool and pick your new brush, adjust the size, color, opacity etc and 'stamp' it on your photo. This way you can add your stamp to your photo at any size you choose!

I like to print my 'stamped' images and then use those in other artworks. I like to use Printworks Premium Matt Photo Paper best. Yeah, versatility!

Stamps are from the new Lynne Perella 'Heart's Desire' collection for Stampington & Co.


Handmade books

On a different note, Tracey over at Mermaid Beach has a wonderful tutorial for making little books. I have made books like these before but my technique was slightly different. Tracey's technique is neat and so I followed her directions for this one.

Take 10 minutes to watch her video and enjoy the lovely music she has playing.


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