The art of borrowing

I was browsing the pages of Stampers' Sampler this week (in which I have a piece published) enjoying the handiwork of others and wanted to make something too. Anything. But I was feeling creatively empty. I was busy this week focusing on reviewing my book and getting the house ready for a new school year and have not been focusing on the arty things of life.

So what to do when the fingers are itching to create but the creative mind is blank?

I decided rather than struggle to come up with something new I would 'borrow' an idea from another artist! OK, some may be shocked at such plagiarism, but in my desperation I prefer to focus on the 'imitation is flattery' angle!

So I picked some cards in the 'Take Ten' section of the magazine and used them as templates for my own cards.

The green and orange cards above are by Teri Anderson (mine are the blue and brown ones, using stamps by Sandra Evertson)

The green cards are by Diana Foster

During the week Lily also wanted to some stamping. Usually I give her the stamps and ink and let her go off on her own. She will invariably create a 'scene' that is more of a sketch than a finished piece. But this time I suggested that she borrow a template from Stampers' Sampler too. Here is the one she picked. I think that she did a really good job (I helped with the paper cutting).

The Tulip card is by Barb Pladziewicz

So thank you to Teri Anderson, Diana Foster and Barb Pladziewicz for putting their art out there and thanks for the inspiration.


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