Back & jet lagged

Bye, bye granny!
We are safely home from our time in Ireland. My kids are such troopers, we had a smooth 20 hour journey via Chicago (oh I wish they would create a straight flight Houston to Dublin). The kids colored, slept, played games and watched movies on the flight. As we got home very late Thursday night I thought that they would sleep in on Friday, but alas, no. They got up at 6am the last two mornings! So by the afternoon I feel like I have done a whole day.

We are back to normal other than time: 2 of my kid's friends are sleeping over, we went to Chick Fil A for lunch, Matthew and Mark went to Karate and the girls have been crafting.

I am currently making my kid's school schedule and making time to read my final author review for the book. I sent my initial edits to Liz while I was in Ireland and then the book went to the copy editor. Once I do this final read through and send in the next wave of edits then the book will go to the designer, Marissa Bowers.

I didn't have a fast internet connection while away and loading photos took 10 minutes a piece so I have a backlog of photos, here are some more images from our trip:

And baby continues to grow!
Excuse me while I break my blogging schedule, I will be back to normal soon enough!


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