Green Crafts

You have to check out one of Stampington's latest magazines 'Green Craft'. Jenny Doh talks about showing that being 'green' and 'chic' are not mutually exclusive and I think they really proved it in this issue. There are aprons made from plastic bags, bowls & purses made from junk mail, necklaces made from old sweaters, garlands made from coffee filters, banners made from newspaper, art made from - I kid you not - dryer sheets! I could go on, but I recommend you get a copy. It is very inspiring.

I have a few pieces in a section called 'Cereal Box Chic'. I was delighted to find that artist, Lisa Guerin is in this section too. I made some gift boxes out of those mini cereal boxes that kids love to devour - something about a mini version of the regular Rice Krispie box makes breakfast taste a little better, you know? Stampington did a fabulous layout and the photography is stunning. I am very pleased to be a part of the publication.

One thing I like about using recycled materials is they are easy to get. No need to take a trip to the store, I just have to keep my eye open for stuff in my home. I have been collecting junk mail for the purpose of making mini journals.

For this journal I glued a bunch of pages together for strength, gessoed them, painted them, then cut them into the front and back of a journal cover. I used other sheets of junk mail gessoed, painted paper for the journal pages. It is still a work in progress, got a few more embellishments to go before it is finished.

I also used old newspaper as the backdrop for this collage.


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