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Shannon Mucha and myself worked for a year on creating a journal on the topic of motherhood. I wrote about it here. Well, our work was featured in this magazine by Stampington & Co. Art Journaling. I recommend getting a copy if you are interested in art journaling at all, this publication has tons of other great articles.


The kids and I are taking an art class together. It is an online program that was recently started by a friend of mine, Brandon Nixon. He has created a really good website with video lessons and an interactive community. I was originally only going to do it for the kids, but as we got started I decided I might as well have a go too! I can always learn more about doing art and it is a long time since I took 'fine art' classes.

This is just the beginning of a great art business for Brandon. He has created a site and videos that are very thorough; he seems to have thought of everything you would need to take the class, get the right supplies, and even fit art practically into your life.

The first thing we did was watch all the 'about your supplies' videos, the kids learned all about different types of paints and brushes, how to clean and store your supplies etc. This week, when the supplies came from Dick Blick, we did the first class which is on value. It was excellent! The kids enjoyed it so much that Matthew asked if we could do art 3 times a week!!

The classes are geared towards homeschooling, but his program would also work perfectly as an after school activity at home. So, check Brandon's art site out here.


I was out last night with friends eating yummy steak and sides, smelling cigars wafting from the pool when the men gathered to visit. It was heavenly. I remember saying to someone how I just crave creativity, the new, something I have not seen before, something that stops me in my tracks, something beautiful. Then today I visited Susan Tuttle's blog, to this post. Wow, check out her macro photos, stunning.

Susan is one of the contributors to my book, a true Artistic Mother.


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