Moving towards the end of the pregnancy

Being pregnant is a weird and wonderful thing. I am 5 weeks out now and starting to feel more and more uncomfortable. I am having a hard time staying asleep and am not moving around as easily as I was. I have started to turn my attention and prayers to giving birth. I am so not prepared as I should be. I have been focused on art, the book, school, photography... anything but that birth thing. At number 5 I should be a pro, but each birth has been a little different, and I feel as unprepared as ever!. But I am interested to see what this birth story will be. Whenever I start to worry about it, I focus on the person that is on his way and how great it will be to meet a new Cole kid!

I plan to continue creating art, taking photos and writing up until the day I go in to hospital (yes, I know on paper I should be a good home birth candidate, but Mark and I are just not cool and calm when it comes to bodily functions/pain, we freak each other out in our panic at the seemingly unknown... we need a pro to keep us in check ;). I can't wait to capture with my camera all those little details that are so precious and fleeting, and to have a new face/personality for my art.

My girls are beside themselves in excitement. They constantly talk about Max and what they will do with him. I don't think Annie realizes he will lay around and sleep and eat for the first few months, she is getting ready to feed him cheerios! And from their conversations I am sure one day that poor little boy will be wearing nail polish and a tutu! Hence, the manly name of Maximus.

I have not yet started nesting. To be honest I don't know exactly where this baby will sleep. All the bedrooms in our house are taken. I guess he will be nomadic for a while: a crib in our room, playpen/bassinet in the school room and newborn bassinet in my mother's room for daytime naps. I have a few things to buy him, a new carseat for one. I used the same one for all the others, but it got left out in the humid garage and became ruined. I need a new Ergo as I gave my other away (I wanted a new one anyhow, so I was happy it had a new home). After that I just need to go through Matthew's old clothes. I can't believe I kept them all this time, but each time I was pregnant before I thought that I was having a boy. Finally! My mother said I should buy the kid new clothes... but I like the idea of him wearing Matthew's. I guess I will decide when I see what state they are in.

Talking of mother - my Mum is arriving from Ireland on Oct 13, early enough to help me get things all sorted before my Oct 31 due date. She is so great, she has come over for 3-6 months for all my kids, she has such a servants heart, she has been such a blessing to us all. As a result all the grandkids LOVE her so much, she has carried them all around from birth and is into every facet of their lives. It is so good to have her know them so well.

Thank you to those folks to take the time to read and follow my blog. I really appreciate your visit and support. It means a lot to me.


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