Sewing totes

Our library used to offer heavy duty plastic tote bags in which to carry books home. We would get and reuse them for weeks and weeks until they tore. When we returned to the library after our summer holiday and went to check out some 40 books we found they no longer had those bags. The company who made and donated them had gone bankrupt, which is sad to hear. We had to carry the books in our arms to the car, we had a few tears as books were sliding out of little arms.

So for this year I needed a new tote bag solution - I got one at a homeschool convention (a plain navy one with a logo). I decided to make another one. Of course I prefer my homemade one, at least it has some personality. I think I will make a few more, one for each of the kids now and replace that plain navy one.

This bag is very similar to one of the projects in my up coming book 'The Artistic Mother'.


On another sewing note - my girls started their sewing course 'Kid Sew'. The first thing they made were draw string bags. They are not quite tough enough for books, but they filled them with with bears and other light things instead. Next week they start to make skirts!

The finished product. They are so proud of themselves.


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