Author Book Signing

I took my girls to meet the author and illustrator of the Fancy Nancy stories - Jane O'Conner and Robin Preiss Glasser.

I thought it would be a little affair at the small indie bookstore, Blue Willow bookshop that it was being hosted by. Little did I know! It was huge! So huge that the 'event' took place in a school gym! There were possibly 300 Momma's and their 'all dressed in pink' daughters with stacks of books to be signed. They had color coded lines to coordinate the signing lines so there wasn't a mad rush, mommy fighting and leg pains from standing for hours!

We drove an hour to get there, it was cold and after the reading and some fun and games we waited over an hour for our 12 second book signing experience - but it was so worth it. My girls loved following along with the book as the author read, they were tickled by the costumes worn by both Ms. O'Conner and Glasser, they got their book signed and now they really understand the difference between an author and an illustrator.

This was a good reminder to me that sometimes it is better to make the effort and do something out of the ordinary than not bother and stay at home! To make the memories (and bring my camera) than to let life sail by uneventfully.


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