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I have started a collage making directory to keep up with people who do collage. I like to check out the latest blog posts and this directory will make this easy for me (and others that visit) to do that. The list will be organized 'blog list' style with the latest posted blog moving to the top. There will be no other content on the list except links to creative blogs!

~Who should sign up?

I have a very liberal view of what collage is - basically anything that includes layering or gluing something to something could be considered a collage.

So if you glue anything - paper, fabric, scrapbook pages, crafts, toys, whatever... then consider listing your blog on this directory.

If you make collage, but blog mainly on your life, that is fine, I love having a peek into creative folks lives.

If you make the odd collage, but primarily do other arty things, like sewing, that is fine. We can all be inspired by other mediums!

~How do you sign up for the directory?

It is simple:
1) Go to this blog: Collage Making.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of the list and enter a comment in the box indicating that you want to sign up (leave me the url of your blog or website).

That is it, I will add you to the list!

~Will you sign up for it?

I hope so, that way it would make it easy for me and others to come by and visit.

Thanks to Trudy for the suggestion and Diana at 'We love to sew' for the model!


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