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It is better to take the time to make something, even something small than to do nothing arty in the day. Better for Mom, better for the kids - creating something new is empowering and spending time together on an activity is bonding time. I often need inspiration from others on what to do with my kids. So I asked commenters in my December 2 giveaway to tell me what they are doing this Christmas.

I am so impressed at how many crafty things being made out there in the lives behind the faces of blogland residents. In summary there are a ton of handmade gifts, cookies, gingerbread houses, Christmas cards and ornaments being created.

Felt ornaments seems to be popular. So I decided that was what I wanted to try. My girls have a pink Christmas tree in their room, so we made them some flower ornaments for their tree.

For some inspiration check out this link that Amanda Pedro left to Mimi Kirchner's blog Doll, oh my, if I could I would.

And check out the pictures on this Flickr group dedicated to felt ornaments!

These are super cool envelopes made from old magazines. Thanks Steph.

Thanks to Jaiying for this link to how to make snow globes.

And to Megan for this link to learn how to make button ornaments by Martha Stewart. Very cute.

Ellyn said she was making marshmallows, and posted about it here. I think my girls would love these - pink and sweet.

This is a nice idea on 'random acts of kindness' from Hallie.

If you are interested in candle making, there is a great tutorial here by Donna.

If anyone has any other cool crafts they have completed, leave me a link in the comments. It might inspire others to do the same.


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