Giveaway #3

Today's giveaway winner, chosen by the Random Number Generator, is someone who joined recently -

Wendy of the corvidarium


Pick your prize from the choices below (click on image to see a larger image) and post it in the comments. I will contact you via email so you can send me, privately, your physical address.

Choice #1 - Printed fabric (my artwork) glasses case with satin ribbon.

Choice #2 - 8 painted and stamped pegs

Choice #3 - Butterfly reminder to 'Play Freely' made with balsa wood, wire, beads, paint and collage elements.

For everyone else - Please check back in next Saturday to see if you win something. I will offer a new set of prizes. I will try to offer a range of things in the hopes something will appeal to you when it's your turn!

And of course, if you are not listed as following this blog, you are welcome to do so! Join in the fun.


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