I can't stand it! Time is so fleeting. This may be my last baby. I want to relish every moment, every look, every little piece of him. But there are other kids, happy noises, discussions, meals to make, emails to check, blog posts to write, dogs that bark to go out, an art table with scraps that want to be glued, movies to see... all good, all necessary for my full life. It is all going so fast. When I get to heaven I want a blow by blow replay of every moment with each one of my babies, my toddlers, my children and one day hopefully I will say my teens.

In January I am beginning a new venture ~ as a monthly contributor to the Wishstudio. My column is all about what it means to be an Artistic Mother. So please visit me on that site and leave me a comment there. I really do want feedback from you.

Have a lovely new year to all my blogging friends & new acquaintances. You have made this space worth coming to.


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